Posh & Polish’D Corp is a Luxurious, High end full-service, Nail Salon & Spa dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction, along with competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in rendering excellent quality customer service, creating a warm pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for Clients to come and get pampered. We provide a completely sophisticated, sensual experience for all our client in our posh venue.  
    POSH & POLISH'd Pledges to you:   
    a safe and clean salon.  
      Here is what sets us apart!       
  •  All our reusable instruments are disinfected and sanitized at a hospital-  grade sanitization which gets stored in a sterile pouches until they are  used.
  •  Our nail files, buffers, cuticle sticks, manicure towels are one time use and is  disposed after each service or given to the client to keep.  
  •  Our portable pedicure bowls are lined with a disposable Lining cover. "No    Whirlpool jets" which is hard to clean and can harbor hazardous bacteria.  
  •  We do not use Razors and Graters. Heavy Callus needs to be taken down    gently sometimes may require few appointments. 
  •  We are proud to use the highest-quality products. We carry CND and OPI. 
  •  We use clean towels. 
  •  We use electric file, we are trained to use it safely and painlessly. 
  •  We have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all the products we use. 
  •  We regularly take classes in techniques, health and safety, and product    knowledge to enhance the quality and safety of your services. 




5 Valhalla Inn Road

Etobicoke, On


Mon                8am-10pm

Tues               8am-10pm

Wed                8am-10pm

Thurs-Fri         8am-10pm

Sat                   8am-10pm

Sun                  8am-10pm

Tel: 289 541 6617

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